Re: BBC BASIC for Linux

David Feugey

"I must say that there does seem to be a disparity between what the 'experts' at the forum said and what my 'common sense' predicts. They vehemently asserted that the only way to distribute a program, such that it would run on a wide range of Linux installations, was either to use some kind of 'package manager' or to supply source code."

They are so good that they don't even mention this :

One tool too make all your packages for all distributions. Don't need to be Open Source software.

Nota: don't believe people that tell you it's just a packaging issue. It's not. It's a compiling issue too, because of the versions of the libs present on each OS.

As I said before, there is no need for package. If someone really wants one, he'll simply propose you to do one. But as it's a package for developer, no one will ask... Your current version is OK.

Nota : the question is 'do you target Linux users or BBC Basic users'. Of course, some Linux users will complain about the closed source thing. But BBC Basic users will love to get BBC4L (and even pay for it).

"To try to placate the Linux mafia, I must state that this does not constitute a 'release'. To the best of my knowledge all the relevant licensing conditions have been complied with."

There is no legal issue. Of course, some people will always complain about the license (and once in GPL they'll complain about absence on GitHub, then complain on another thing). Real users will not care.

So do as Xojo or Wolfram Alpha: make your users happy

Nota: except Stallman, there is no open source Mafia in Linux core developers. Only some shouting users. I never heard someone as Linus saying that closed source software is shit. He just don't care (he's using OS X anyway, so he really don't care).


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