Re: BBC BASIC for Linux

Richard Russell

---In, <> wrote :
> I tested my FB programs on Ubuntu and my preferred Mint.... and most seem to work OK.
> Likewise strangely in a Puppy Linux.

I must say that there does seem to be a disparity between what the 'experts' at the forum said and what my 'common sense' predicts. They vehemently asserted that the only way to distribute a program, such that it would run on a wide range of Linux installations, was either to use some kind of 'package manager' or to supply source code. But surely since my compiled executable contains no static libraries, and as long as it is dynamically linked at run-time to the correct libraries for the particular Linux flavour and version, there is no reason why it shouldn't run?

There is probably only one way to resolve this and find the truth, and that is to try it. I have uploaded the current pre-alpha version of 'BBC BASIC for Linux', with some examples and libraries, here:

This links to two SDL libraries, which will typically need to be installed before BBC BASIC will run. On Ubuntu the appropriate commands are:

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0-0
sudo apt-get install libsdl2-ttf2.0-0

To try BBC BASIC use a command such as the following:

./bbcsdl examples/games/

To try to placate the Linux mafia, I must state that this does not constitute a 'release'. To the best of my knowledge all the relevant licensing conditions have been complied with.


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