Re: BBC4W for a Linux

Richard Russell

---In, <> wrote :
> could you please explain in simple terms and post your answer here. How is it even I
> managed to convert a number of my simple efforts in FreeBasic ( similar to Qbasic )
> into code acceptable by some Debian Linux like the Ubuntus

Well, as I have made clear, I am not knowledgable about Linux and therefore not qualified to comment.

However, from a purely technical perspective, my own experience is that there is no particular difficulty in compiling a program to run on the same machine. I assume that it is equally simple to run it on another machine running the same flavour and release of Linux (so I presume that the BBC BASIC code I have created would run equally well on another Ubuntu 14.04 machine for example).

Is that all you have done, or have you compiled code into a form which will run on a range of different Linux flavours and versions? If the FreeBasic compiler is able to create an executable which will run on a wide range of machines, without the end-user needing to install anything, that does seem to run contrary to what the 'experts' who commented at the new forum have claimed.


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