Re: BBC BASIC for Linux gallery

Richard Russell

---In, <> wrote :
> You have probably seen this list, but just in case.

I had not seen the list, but one has to ask how many of those are strictly 'legal' and how many were produced by a private individual rather than a 'company'? I do not have the support of a team of lawyers who can clarify the legal situation and if necessary raise a defence against any challenge. And I am not a faceless organisation which can weather any kind of criticism.

I would also want to point out that any software I might produce for Linux won't be "commercial" - I won't be charging for it or making money from it - but it would be "closed source" because I am not prepared to release the source of BB4W (it is far too embarrassingly awful!).

> Such an interesting project, a shame if it would be abandoned altogether.

In principle, the SDL version I have developed is equally appropriate for porting onto Mac OS-X or even Android (86), although there are very few machines running the latter OS. I am sure that there aren't any similar legal or moral issues with Mac OS, at least. So it won't be entirely wasted if I go down either of those routes, although buying a Mac is a very expensive way to proceed and not one I am personally enthusiastic about (although my wife, as an iOS user, is more keen).


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