Re: BBC BASIC for Linux gallery

Richard Russell

---In, <> wrote :
> The good question is do you prefer to listen to recriminations of some stupid Linux users
> (that most of the time are even not Linux users, just haters), or to the encouragements
> of you loyal users (the people who pay)?

I don't feel able to make the judgement between 'troll' and 'loyal user' that you do. I don't have a foolproof insight into what is 'right'. It seems to me that there is a danger of classing everybody who disagrees with one's own viewpoint as a troll, and everybody who agrees as loyal, but that isn't reasonable.

I confess to being highly ignorant of Linux, both the technical aspects and the 'politics'. Therefore my default position is to listen to everything I am told, especially when it comes from a self-declared 'expert' as was the case in this situation. I *did* do a web search to see if his opinion was widely shared, and it is.

The fact of the matter seems to be that distributing Closed Source applications for Linux *is* controversial, it's not just the opinion of a rogue 'troll'. There are legal issues, but even if those can be overcome (and I think they can in the case of BBC BASIC, although it's not as clear as I would like) one is still likely to be criticised.

Should I go ahead despite the questionable legality and expectation of criticism? My current feeling is that I shouldn't, but of course I am continuing to listen to what anyone has to say.


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