Re: How best to provide support for BB4W

Dave Sergeant

Yep, seems to work. I was particularly pleased in how easy it was to
join, none of the intrusive questions and mobile numbers that
Yahoogroups insists on - 30 seconds to do the lot, including replying
to the activation email.

The web interface looks a bit plain, maybe Richard will do some testing
on that. email certainly is doing the job. And with 1GB of file storage
space guess we will have enough...


On 16 Oct 2015 at 21:17, Ian_Wade_G3NRW g3nrw-radio@nt wrote:

On 16/10/2015 06:45, 'Dave Sergeant' [bb4w] wrote:
Resurrecting this thread... > > Richard, I have just been pointed to ( > which is a new email list with web
access that aims to do the same as > Yahoogroups without its irks. The
free version is apparently pretty > similar to Yahoogroups and it is
possible to easily move groups over. > > May be worth considering? > >
Dave >

Thanks Dave. Just what I have been looking for, for some new groups I
plan to set up.

BTW, I joined the new group a few moments ago. Email
message transfer works fine in both directions. It even understands
message threads. (The web interface works as well, but I wouldn't
normally use it).

Ian, G3NRW




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