Re: How best to provide support for BB4W


On 14/09/2015 18:17, yahoo@... [bb4w] wrote:

If you have a support query, and a Facebook account, try posting it
there as an experiment.

Quite by coincidence, and nothing to do with BB4W, my daughter persuaded me recently to set up a Facebook account -- I was told I was a "dinosaur" missing out on "modern" communication. Then, on the suggestion of someone else in this group, I looked at the BB4W Facebook page yesterday. What an unstructured, unattractive mess!

Tell me, exactly, how will anyone be able to find and follow a technical discussion on Facebook a few weeks or months after the discussion has terminated. Facebook may be fine for family pictures and transient chit-chat, but is totally unsuited to structured technical discussion that needs to be preserved for posterity.

I closed my Facebook account today.

Final question: Are you saying you will no longer answer technical questions in the forum?


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