Re: How best to provide support for BB4W


On 14/09/2015 07:27, yahoo@... [bb4w] wrote:
I would have far
more confidence that Facebook would quickly address any issues that did
arise than Yahoo!

I don't understand this. I own several closed Yahoo groups for software development discussions. By setting the access permissions appropriately, these groups are totally invisible to anyone who is not an approved member, so we don't have any outside interference. This is far preferable to Facebook, which adds so much clutter and noise that any meaningful continuous discussion is virtually impossible. I have no idea how Facebook would handle complaints about inappropriate messages or access, but I suspect it wouldn't be as fast as you might like.

BUT, BUT, BUT, a further point concerning the forum has just struck me. You complain about unacceptable messages over which you have no control, because you can't login as administrator to remove them or their perpetrators. However, looking at random through many of the posts on the forum, I can't see *any* messages that one could object to.

[Rather, are you complaining about *private* email messages that you find unacceptable? If so, you could set up an email filter (to trap the sender's IP address, for example -- this will usually be the same each time) to redirect the mail to /dev/null].

So what is the problem? Why can't you just rejoin the forum as an ordinary user and let it continue as usual? IMHO the principal advantage of the forum is each topic has its own slot (thread), and discussion is highly focused in each slot. Also, the forum acts as a repository of extremely useful information (much of it provided by your good self) that is always available to anyone who joins "late". You can't say that about Facebook or Yahoo groups.

Also, I don't see any objectionable messages in this Yahoo group either. So why not let this group continue as at present, just for background chit-chat (as it is now)? No need to worry about message format differences, because all the technical stuff (like code inserts) would go into the forum.

I do recommend you use email access instead of web access to the group -- you will find many of the issues you complain about will go away. I have just looked through a number of recent messages here, and everyone except you seems to be using email access. It really is simple to set up and use, and a decent mailer (like Thunderbird, for example) can sort messages into threads, making discussions much easier to follow than on the web site. Try it -- it won't hurt a bit, and you can still use the web interface as well if you really want to!


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