Re: Site closure

Simon Mathiassen <simon@...>

Indeed so. I have heard nothing directly from David by way of an
explanation; if it is a financial thing I would be more than happy to
contribute to the upkeep of the site.
David has this to say on the subject (quoted with permission):

"Yes, my 'public' BB4W 'career' is over. I don't want to concern myself
with this stuff anymore. I still occasionally use BB4W, but only for
solving maths & stats-related problems.

I've kept an eye open for new BB4W games (especially any that make use
of Box2D) but no one's done anything at all, it would seem. Must be
pretty disheartening for Richard."

Both JGH and myself has been given explicit permission to mirror the
site, pending a few changes that David expects to have done before the
end of the month.



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