Re: CPU usage of FNget?

Grahame Pratt

Ah, thanks!  I should obviously have opened up NOWAIT and looked for myself (I think I just assumed that Fnget was some assembly language which I would not understand). Sorry for that.

Yes, "Too little to care about". Works for me.


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> I wonder, does FNget use any CPU cycles while it is waiting?

It uses some, of course, because it's actively executing code (principally the INKEY function) approximately once every millisecond:

SYS "Sleep",1
K% = INKEY(0)
UNTIL K%<>-1

But it wouldn't be very easy to measure accurately *how* much because it will be below the threshold necessary for Task Manager to indicate anything (0.1%).

Why do you care, so long as it's 'too little to matter'?


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