Announcing Barry's Emacs 8.8.0

Barry Scott

Barry's Emacs is available for Linux, Windows and macOS.

There are kits for macOS, Windows, Fedora 33 and 32
(I'm stll working on Centos 7 and 8 builds)

Please see for the installation instructions.

New in V8.8.0
* Add subprocess support to Windows, macOS and unix GUI versions.
- shell command starts a shell in a emacs window
- compile-it command by default uses make to compile code.
Use next-error (^X-^N) to go to errors from the compilation.
* Add the "man" command for macOS and unix versions.
The man-word-in-buffer will run man the current word.
* Add the chmod-current-buffer to have the mode of the current buffer's file.
macOS and unix only.
* Add the chown-current-buffer to have the owndership of the current buffer's file.
macOS and unix only.
* Add (is-unix-operating-system) to be true for any of the OS that the unix
part of the library is included for. e.g. linux, netbsd, macOS at the moment
* Update some examples in the documentation
* fix syntax hilight for "rem" in Windows batch/command files
* Windows and macOS builds now use a Python venv
* Updated to use python 3.9 with latest PyQt for Windows and macOS
* rename p4-open to p4-edit (p4 open is not documented)