Announcing Barry's Emacs 8.7.1

Barry Scott

Barry's Emacs is available for Linux, Windows and macOS.

There are kits for macOS, Windows, Fedora 32, 31 and 50, Centos 8, 7 6.

Please see for the installation instructions.

New in 8.7.1
* new json-mode for editing JSON files
* RPM-specfile-mode for editing RPM spec files
* fix problem with the setup of the text-mode syntax table
* improve spell-mode to show a more accurate corrections count.
spell checker functions now work in a recursive edit which
allows other packages to use the spell checked
* syntax tables support limited ere for keywords and comments
* ntcmdmode uses case-fold,ere to fix finding the "rem" comment
in Windows batch/command files.
* import the p4-change-mode package to support deleteing the
header comments and Jobs sections from a changespec.
Add p4-spell-check-description.
* The order of buffers in the buffer-names array matches
the order used by list-buffers.
* fix buffer-dired problem when deleting the current buffer and
popping up a second window.
* fix problem with syntax colouring not being updated correctly
in one rare situation
* fix issue with delete-buffer that could change the current
buffer to "main".
* Updated INSTALL.html to match current practice
* macOS build now uses a python venv