Announcing Barry's Emacs 8.5.1


Barry's Emacs is available for Linux, Windows and macOS.

Please see for the installation instructions.

New in V8.5.1
* New Preference Cursor allow choice of line vs. block and steady vs. blinking cursor.
* When Shift is pressed 3 times highlight the cursor.
* Support Ctrl-- and Ctrl-+ to change the font size and Ctrl-0 to reset to the default.
* Improved grep command by allow language modes to default the file types to grep for.
* Fix problem with line spacing that left horizontal lines on the screen.

I kept losing the cursor on the screen and that lead to the cursor blink and cursor highlighting features.
Let me know if what you think of the new cursor features.


G. Hom

Nice changes. I like the Shift 3 to find the cursor.


I found that the blinking cursor was the big win for me, which was the second change I made.

The thought occurred to me that I did not seem to lose the cursor in other apps and looked very closely at what the Mac, Windows and Linux where doing.

On all the systems the blinking of the line cursor seems to be enough for the eye to find the cursor.
The 600ms on/off time is take from the watching the cursor. All the systems use the same timing.

Terminal apps are the only place where the convention is different.
Block, no blink cursor on macOS and Linux, blinking underline on Windows.