Re: Changing spelling of my name

Evan Reese

I don’t know which email program you are using, but in general, you have to go into the email account properties of the program you are using to send messages and change how your name is written there. When your email account was first set up, you, (or whomever set it up), had to enter that info so that others who received your messages would see a name on them.
I don’t think it is very hard to do. But as I say, you, or someone, will have to look at your specific program and change how your name is spelled in those settings.

Sent: Sunday, August 12, 2018 5:37 PM
Subject: [bardtalk] Changing spelling of my name

Hi, How would I change the printing of my name.  It is incorrect.

Correct is Maguire.

Switching to bard talk @ios it is now incorrect.  Maguire

No:  MaGuire

Please help,

Sally Maguire

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