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Shaun Coughlan

Now that i did not know.
Did you disassemble your machine, steve?

I also may try upgrading the firmware on my player, as it's totally confused as to whether its receiving power from the battery or the wall outlet. I hope they did not use NiCad batteries in these things...

Please tell me more?


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On Aug 12, 2018, at 18:00, Stephen Giggar <sgiggar@...> wrote:

You can leave the cartridge in the player. I've done that many times and haven't had any issues. My player says it is only holding
maybe 10 hours of charge or so. Time to replace the battery! 7.2 V and at least 2,000 MAH. 6 AA wired together with a quick release
clip. I think.

Signed: Stephen Giggar

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If you go into the service menu of the player, you can force it to recharge the battery. I had to do this with mine recently, as
sometimes the player gets confused between what the software is doing and the actual hardware state of the battery.

To access the service menu, do the following:
1. Make sure that you do not have a cartridge or flash drive in the player and that the player is powered off and plugged into the
wall outlet.
2. Press and hold down the sleep, rewind and tone down keys while turning on the player. It should come up saying the usual power on
message followed by, "player Status."
3. Press either the back or next buttons until you hear the word "battery" announced by the player. Press the play button to select
this option.
4. In this submenu, you need to find the "Initiate battery Recharge" option. Once you do, press play to activate this setting.
5. You can now turn off the player and reboot it as normal and use it just as you usually do. Also, having the machine read you its
status may not be a bad thing, either. Just navigate to the "return to previous menu" option and then find "player status" and then
press play on "read" in that submenu.
As an interesting note with mine, Cartridge, assistive tech, and power all report an error. System reports ok, though. Gonna let
this thing recharge and check it in a while to see what it says, then.

Hope this helps,
Shaun C

"No man can be fully known, in soul and spirit and mind, until he hath been seen versed in rule and law giving."
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On Aug 12, 2018, at 16:32, Pamela Dominguez <geodom@...> wrote:

Oops! Time to get a new player. That thing needs some work. Pam.

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Battery is low, so I plug player in to charge. I play magazine and
keep getting battery is low warning and even though unit is plugged
into wall software thinks it's still running on the battery.


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