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Shirley Baker

I sometimes think the books from audible are higher quality in sound and not every book that is on audible makes it to bard and I also like when one of my favorite authors has a new release and I can get it the day it comes out.

On Aug 12, 2018, at 12:55 PM, Joshua Hendrickson <louvins@...> wrote:

I'll continue to use audible, because some NLS readers who read
certain books, I may not like the readers, so can get them on audible.
If I can, I'll pretty much always choose commercial books over NLS

On 8/12/18, Miriam Vieni <miriamvieni@...> wrote:
Which is one of the reasons I stopped using Audible. If I have a bit of
patience, I can get just about all of the books I want to read without


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I have often gotten a book from Audible and later find it is on NLS.

It is easy to return the book to Audible and then use the NLS

Instead. The reader is the same on both.

Sally Maguire

Joshua Hendrickson

Joshua Hendrickson

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