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Miriam Vieni

Well, when I was using Audible, there were not nearly as many commercially produced books on BARD as there are now which meant that some new books that I’d heard about and wanted to read, were there on Audible, almost immediately. And at that point in time, Bookshare had not yet developed their daisy audio format and I wasn’t able to process their tts on the first gen stream. I tried, and I managed one book, but when I tried a second book, I was incapable of processing what I heard. And Audible did have some really wonderful narrators. There were certain BARD books that I hadn’t read because I found their narrators so unpleasant, and Audible gave me an alternative. All of that has changed for me now for several reasons. BARD has so many more commercial books. My hearing has deteriorated so some Audible books are just too hard for me to hear. Bookshare now has daisy audio and now, I actually don’t have to pay anything for Bookshare because the New York talking book library has some sort of arrangement with Bookshare. And I’m now on a fixed income which actually doesn’t seem fixed, but is shrinking while expenses increase. So the advantages of Audible have disappeared for me.




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The subject of Audible versus the NLS has come up before and I have said that I am not about to pay the Audible prices when I have access to so many free books or, in the case of Bookshare, so many books that effectively cost only pennies. I know that Audible has books that the NLS does not have, but I have so many books from my other sources that I really want to read and will not live long enough to read that for me to pay for an Audible book it would have to be really special. When this has come up before I said that I had never even visited the Audible web site. Since the last time the topic came up I have now visited the web site and browsed it. My expectations were confirmed. There is nothing there that special.


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Which is one of the reasons I stopped using Audible. If I have a bit of patience, I can get just about all of the books I want to read without charge.




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I have often gotten a book from Audible and later find it is �on NLS.

It is easy to return the book to Audible and then use the NLS

Instead. The reader is the same on both.

Sally Maguire


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