Re: Need help searching for Lewis L'Amoure books

Ann Parsons

Hi all,

"No such file or folder name..." The reason you had trouble finding your favorite author of Westerns is that you were asking for the wrong thing. His first name is Louis not Lewis. C'est votre faute. User error, user error. Oh, and it doesn't have an e on the end of L'Amour.

Try typing 'L'amour, Louis' in the search field.

Whenever I get a message like this from BARD, I go to Google and type in the same thing, and it usually comes up with "Did you mean ..." Once I check the spelling, and retype it in BARD, I usually find what I want.

Ann P.

Original message:

I have tried to search for Lewis L'Amour books on BARD and I keep coming up with no results. What am I doing wrong? I am sure I have the right spelling.
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