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ken hanshe

Ashley, Louis LAmour writes mostly westerns with a few historical novels thrown in.  I'm not a big fan of westerns: however, he writes very well and with simplicity.  My 2 favorite books by him are "Shane" and "The Last of the Breed", a historical adventure which takes place in Eskimo country.


On 7/12/2018 1:46 PM, Ashleigh Piccinino wrote:
What kind of books does this author right? Just curious.

On Jul 12, 2018, at 12:22 PM, Loy <loyrg2845@...> wrote:

Thanks for all the help, I put in the last name and nothing came up, then I tried putting first and last then all came up.
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BARD has a large selection of books by Louis L’amour.  The only one they are missing is Kilkinny.
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Subject: [bardtalk] Need help searching or Lewis L'Amoure books
I have tried to search for Lewis  L'Amour books on BARD and I keep coming up with no results. What am I doing wrong? I am sure I have the right spelling.

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