Updated BARD Mobile for iOS app released


Hi Folks,


For those of you who use an iDevice and the BARD Mobile app, a new version of this app was released yesterday. Here is the description included on the Apps Store about this new update:


BARD Mobile, Yesterday,

- Adds “My previous downloads” and “Most popular books” to Get Books

- Browse magazines by title

- Braille autoreflow (lines of braille break to match your display length)

- Beep-free mode

- VoiceOver actions added to bookshelf items

- Dynamic sleep timer (matches the jump-by level)

- Adheres to system-wide type size setting (Dynamic Type)

- Total reading time or number of braille volumes added to summary listings

- Automatically reloads next 50 items as you scroll (no more tapping “Load more”)

- Error message refinements

- Double-tap gesture to reset speed/tone

...along with bug fixes, stability improvements, and performance enhancements.

Version 1.2 • 6.6 MB Button


Alan Lemly

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