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Pamela Dominguez

I don't save them on the hard drive; I save them on thumb drives and cartridges. I should have really bought an external drive and backed them all up, because I have had crashes and lost some of them. And I didn't have a list of what was on what drive or cartridge. Pam.

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From: Russ
Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2018 8:37 AM
Subject: Re: [bardtalk] Victor Stream List

Like you, when I firststarted using bard, I saved all of the books on my
harddrive. After a while, I decided if I want to read the book again, I
could download it again. I didn't want to use all of my harddrive space
with all of those books. The only books I do save are those from bookshare
and epub. They take very little space.

As far as voice dream, it works a lot better with ios than it does with
android. There was just a major update to it for ios. I don't know if that
same update came to android.

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From: Joshua Hendrickson
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 6:30 AM
Subject: Re: [bardtalk] Victor Stream List

Russ. Thanks for the reminder of the Rivo control. I think I heard
of that in a podcast. I'll probably get one of those when I get my
smart phone in the future. I know what you're saying, but I want to
permanently keep all the bard books I download in one single location
like an external hard drive, not having to redownload them if I want
to reread them again. As for voice dream reader, I can easily
download bookshare books to my stream's SD card and I like the voices
of the stream just fine. I do know that the ios devices do have some
voices that the android devices do not. But with android, I can get
eloquence, acapela, and vocalizer which are all pretty nice. I wish I
could get Ivona or Neospeech but I can't with android..

On 6/12/18, Russ <russ94577@...> wrote:
Why worry about not being able to copy a book from a ios device. You still

have the option of downloading the book from the BARD site or downloading
Audible books from The voice dream app works a lot better on
ios than it does on android.

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From: Joshua Hendrickson
Sent: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 5:49 AM
Subject: Re: [bardtalk] Victor Stream List

Russ for all those reasons why you like an ios device, I do not. When
I eventually will have to make the switch to some sort of smart phone,
I'm getting an android phone of some kind with the ability to insert a
micro SD card. I won't be getting the bard mobile app, or audible app
because once the books are downloaded to the device, I don't know if
they can easily be gotten off the device to the computer. I like
storing my books on external hard drives because I have them
immediately at my disposal and can keep them for as long as I want
periodically backing up the contents on to other external hard drives.
I have purchased an 8 terabyte drive for the beginning of this
process. I want a phone to be a phone where I can make phone calls
and send text messages. I don't need anything else. I don't do
enough traveling to warrant really needing any kind of device to put
all kinds of apps on it. I'm hopefully selling my braille note touch
because I just wasn't using it all that much. I'm much more
interested in learning songs on the guitar and actually reading some
of the books that I own then worrying about the latest and greatest
app. I don't like the bard mobile app at all, because I think first
having to add any book you want to get to your wish list first before
downloading it isn't very practical. I much more prefer using the
wonderful bard express program which makes the process of finding and
download bard books so much easier. I can download my bard books and
also have the books extracted and ready for organizing directly to my
external hard drive which totally means I don't have to do any
unzipping of bard books at all. Also, why don't we hear that much
about blind people using android devices. A lot of my family members
who are sighted use android instead of ios. I like that android gives
you different models of device to choose from and that the android
apps are open source. I hope Rodger will enjoy his new stream and
will quickly learn what a useful device it can be.

On 6/12/18, Russ <russ94577@...> wrote:
I took a lot of time thinking about if I should buy a second generation
victor reader stream. I ended up buying a ipad mini. Here's why:
It has more volume and better sound than my ipod touch, first generation
victor reader stream
booksense and plextalk pocket. It does everything I would do with a
specialized player. With being able to lock the screen while
playing audio content, I get much more play time than with my specialized

With the bard mobile app, I can read nls books on it. Books can be
downloaded to the ipad mini. This can't be done on my specialized
I currently own.

With the audible app, I can read books from audible. Books can be
downloaded to the ipad mini. I can't do this with my specialized players

currently own.

With the Kindle app, I can read Kindle books from Amazon. I can't do
with my specialized playrs.

With the voice dream reader app I can read books from bookshare,
epub, listen to old time radio shows.
Supported File Formats PDF, EPUB (DRM free), DAISY 3.0 text-based eBooks,
DAISY 2.02 audiobooks, Zipped MP3 files, such as LibriVox, Plain Text,
Text Format (RTF), Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Pages,
Keynote, HTML.
What's nice about voice dream reader, you can download books from both
bookshare and Project Gutenberg directly to the ipad mini.
I bought the optional neospeech voice to make it sound just like a
when reading any text based file. I can switch between Acapela and
neospeech. I can't see buying a second generation victor reader stream
inorder to download books from bookshare to it. With the specialized
I currently own, I can't download books from bookshare to them.

With the LibriVox Audio Books Pro provides free access to over 15,000
audiobooks and thousands of radio dramas with no ads. Each audiobook can
streamed over the internet or downloaded for later use.

Audiobooks from LibriVox are free thanks to the dedicated work of
of volunteers who record, edit and distribute the books. New releases
prepared daily, and the entire catalog spans the breadth of world
literature, including novels, history, biography, short stories, poetry
more in both fiction and non-fiction.

The LibriVox Audio Books app makes it easy to search for free audio
as well as classic radio dramas. You can browse by title, author or
look at new recordings, or search by keyword. Because the books are
you can listen to as much or as little of a book as you like with no
The app remembers your position, so when you return to a book later, you
start listening at the place where you left off, and includes a sleep
for your convenience.

To see the LibriVox catalog on the web, visit

With the downcast app, I can download podcasts directly to the ipad mini.
can subscribe and unsubscribe to podcasts on it. With my plextalk
can't subscribe and unsubscribe to podcasts on it. With the other two
specialized players i currently own, I can't download podcasts to them.

My ipad mini is now my favorite device for reading books, downloading and
listening to podcasts and old time radio shows.

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From: Miriam Vieni
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2018 6:46 AM
Subject: Re: [bardtalk] Victor Stream List

People who use ios devices which would probably be helpful in helping you
decide. But one way to decide is to figure out what functions you want

new device to perform. If you're just wanting it for reading and

books, listening to radio stations and podcasts, then the stream will do

trick. If you want a little portable computer that will act as a phone
easily do searches for information for you in addition, then that's a

different ballgame. I also think that some blind people get keyboards to
attach to their ios devices that make them easier to use. There's a lot
investigate. By the way, the second gen stream has 4 gigs of storage
which is more than enough if you transfer downloaded books to storage

and you don't have 100 podcast feeds as some folks do. And there's a
specific group of podcasts in which you might be interested, that are not
included in the ones listed on the stream. Also, podcasts can be

to the SD card as well.

MiriamI know that there is an email group for

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Sent: Sunday, June 10, 2018 9:01 PM
Subject: Re: [bardtalk] Victor Stream List

Do I really want to upgrade? Well, kind of. And this gives me something
an excuse to finally take the plunge. But as far as I know the only thing
wrong with is the battery and I hesitate to take a plunge that I would
have taken if it had not been for this one little thing. I am not the
who leaps before I look and, in fact, I tend to look so long that I am

at taking leaps at all. I think I will, at least, ask Humanware about a

battery. But I am also thinking that this might just be the excuse I need


get an IOS device and that takes even more consideration, iPad, iPad
iPod? And just how hard would it be to learn all the gestures to be used

a touch screen device?

On 6/10/2018 7:37 PM, Pamela Dominguez wrote:
Why don't you contact them at Humanware and find out if you can get a
battery for it. It nothing else is wrong, it would be a waste to get
rid of it if you could. If you also want to upgrade, that's a whole
different kettle of fish. Pam.

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Subject: [bardtalk] Victor Stream List

I understand that the Victor Reader Stream users list has been having
problems lately. Has that been resolved? I used to be a subscriber,
but then the second generation of the Stream came out and eventually
that was the only Stream that was being discussed on that list and
because I was still using the first generation Stream I unsubscribed.
But lately I have been having a problem with my Stream. I have had it
for about ten years now and it appears that the battery is now shot. I
can give it a full charge and then leave it turned off overnight and
the next morning I turn it on and it immediately announces battery
very low, powering off. I can still use it as long as I keep it
plugged in with the power cord, but I sure can't go anywhere with it.
Because it is not being made now and so is obsolete I suspect that it
would be very hard to get a replacement battery. So I am contemplating
upgrading to a newer model.
The choice would be between the second generation Stream and the
Victor Reader Trek, but I don't know yet which I would prefer. There
is also the choice of finally getting an IOS device, but I am a little
afraid of that because they are not made for us blind people and
learning to use the touch screen is a bit daunting. I am supposing
that the best place to get help in making up my mind would be the
Stream users list, but if it is malfunctioning and I would only get
sporadic messages it wouldn't be of much use to me. So, is it working
now or if it is not do any of you know of some other list that could
help me make up my mind about what to upgrade to?

Joshua Hendrickson

Joshua Hendrickson

Joshua Hendrickson

Joshua Hendrickson

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