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Welcome to the Bally Arcade/Astrocade group, the discussion group for the, the website that is the information depository of all things Astrocade related.  In order to read and post messages in this discussion group, you will have to become a member (it doesn't take long).

Here you will find topics relating to the videogame/computer console released in 1978 by Bally called the Bally Professional Arcade.  The console was re-released in 1981 by Astrovision, Inc. and was called the Bally Astrocade.  Collectors and fans of the system usually refer to the system as the Bally Arcade, the Bally Astrocade or, (most commonly), the Astrocade.

Originally, when this group was founded on Yahoogroups, there were two encouraged topics.  The first specific topic was about "programs that could be used as cross-development tools with or without a RAM upgrade for the Bally Arcade/Astrocade."  The other was "building inexpensive RAM upgrades that are backward compatible with older RAM upgrades." Discussion were not limited to these two topics, and they soon moved far beyond them.  Feel free to post anything Bally Arcade/Astrocade related.

It's strongly encouraged that you use the search feature to skim through the many thousands of postings that have been made by the hundreds of members since February 8, 2001 when the original Yahoo group was started.  This is because many of the topics that you may want to ask about have probably come up before (fixing the Astrocade, for instance, has been discussed dozens of times).  The past postings contain an awful lot of material that is worth reading, so you might want to skim it if you ever get a chance (it's a mountain of information, but there really is lots of useful information in there!).

Lastly, there were 366 members in the Bally Alley Yahoo groups.  On October 31, 2019, the group moved to; I hope the community sticks together for years to come.

Look around and enjoy yourself.

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