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In 2030, the year Tesla Inc. invents the first time machine,
ads-blockers users surpass 80% of the online population for the first time.
And the most popular among them,, is planning for IPO. 
10c offers something different,
its users can leave tips to those ads-free content they enjoy.
The model benefits both users and content creators.
Every time a subscriber clicks on the 10c button, s/he tips a 10cents.
It's a simple and engaging mechanism.
But since it's still new, not all investors are convinced about its longevity.
On 5 Sep, 10c sets a new record for its, "most tipped video in 24 hours".
It almost doubles its last record to $1.02million, and some get curious.
Then a report hits us by accusing our algorithms practice.

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We are looking for indie creators.

We hope that together we can back to a different future.

Join us if YOU are.

James B. Won

You can also find me on LinkedIn


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