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As I get casting info for feature films in the Austin, Texas and San Antonio, Texas area I will share it for both multi-million Hollywood films and micro-budget indies; both feature films and shorts. If you know of any casting calls (yours or others) please e-mail me with all the pertinent info, including time, location, pay (if any), etc. and an e-mail and/or contact phone number. I hope that all info I pass on is reliable and plan to post only info that I trust.  I founded a similar group in 2000 on Yahoo groups & created this when Yahoo ended its groups

If you wish to post a casting/crew call, please include as much as the following as possible and email to me (or the list) and

1) the title of the project (a working title, if need be)
2) whether it is a short or feature
3) a one or two sentence synopsis
4) a breakdown of the characters that will be cast (as much detail as you like, the more detail you can provide, the better for your actors)
5) is the project paid; if so, is it deferred or paid at the time of shooting.
6) will meal(s) will be provided
7) are crew members needed
8) time/location of auditions (including city)
9) tentative shoooting schedule
10) specific or video (35mm, 16mm, HD, DV, etc)
11) Intended distribution: direct to video, cable, theatrical, cable access, internet, cd/dvd, in-house industrial, point of sale industrial, director's reel, trailer, festival circuit
12) ESSENTIAL - an email address and/or a mail address and/or a phone number (with area code)
13) are you willing to accept JPGs via email
14) In what city (or cities) do you plan to film
15) (if needed) Usage: # of weeks, months or years

16) (if needed) Conflicts: i.e., all cars, fast food restaurants, casual dining, sodas, computer companies, insurance companies...
17) Covid-19 precautions.

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