Atlas-Craftsman Metal Working Machines

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This group is dedicated to the users of Atlas metalworking machinery including lathes, shapers, horizontal mills, drill presses, saws and accessories  produced by Atlas for Atlas and Sears under the Craftsman or Master Craftsman badges and by AA Engineering for Sears under the Dunlap and Craftsman names.

This Group was formerly  It moved to in February, 2018 due to increasing problems with YahooGroups, particularly with photos, somewhat with files and once in a while with messages.  All members of the previous Group were copied to this one.  During the week following the move, several hundred former members were unsubscribed.  Some of those were no doubt ones who no longer had an interest in Atlas-Craftsman machines but had forgotten that they were still a member of the Group.  That is understandable and we wish them well.  However, it has been reported a few times that some members with email addresses were unsubscribed without being consulted because Yahoo put the emails from the new Group into their respective spam traps.  I won't drag this out by explaining how that happened, but anyone who finds themselves in that position and who wants to rejoin is certainly welcome to.  Rejoins will not have to again go through the approval step.

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Because the cumulative file storage size of the Group's files and photos exceeds 1 GB, this Group is set up as a paid Group with an allowance of 10 GB at a cost of currently $120.00 per year, payable monthly,  We have set up a PayPal account for small donations to cover this small but necessary cost.  The email address associated with this account is Atlas-Craftsman+Owner@Groups.IO.  To donate to the Group, log into your PayPal account and send your donation to that address.  In order to keep the account out of trouble with PayPal, send your donation as Payment for Goods & Services, not Friends & Family.  This will, of course, result in a small percentage of the donation going to PayPal, but we have been advised that the cost to be able to legally claim non-profit status would be far more than PayPal's fee.  Anyone who wishes to know the current balance in the Group's account, please email the Group Manager at the address given below.  Note that emails to this address go to all owners and moderators.  If you need to contact a specific owner or moderator, you will need to get their email address out of one of their posts.

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