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This group is open to parents who currently have autistic children in the ASD Nest program, located within various NYC public elementary, middle and high schools, Districts 1-32.

Note this group is for parents who currently have a child in the ASD Nest program. If you do not have a child in the ASD Nest program, please do not request membership.

The ASD NEST Program is an NYC Department of Education inclusion program for students with autism spectrum disorder in community schools. The ASD Nest Model is designed for students with ASD who are able to do grade-level academic work. The ASD Nest classroom, while utilizing the standard NYC curriculum, creates a fully inclusive therapeutic environment that uses positive behavior support, targeted instructional strategies and specialized social interventions to make inclusion work. The ASD Nest school and district provide the necessary structures and supports; these include smaller class size, co-taught classes, pre-service training and on-site support on Nest practices, regular interdisciplinary team meetings to promote consistency across all settings, and a strong home-school collaboration.

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