New ASAnews group

Graham Luppnow

Hi all,

The ASAnews email group has been very quiet lately. Possibly the biggest reason is that most members now communicate and obtain their news now mainly via other media such as Facebook, other forums etc.

I have been asked by a few members of ASAnews who prefer receiving news via email to investigate ways of linking up the various methods of news.

You will have noticed that the old ASAnews@yahoogroups has been moved to
The admin of promises integration with Facebook etc so that members who are not Facebook can still receive a feed via email. At the moment this function is disabled, but as soon as it is working again we will try to integrate it with the ASA Facebook page.

You are not required to do anything. As soon as we can establish the link you should start receiving news via email.

Hope this clarifies the situation.


Graham Luppnow
ASAnews moderator