Argyll Families and Places

Interested in your family history (genealogy), our local history, research, people, places of Argyll? you are welcome. 
This group will replace the Rootsweb Sct-Argyll list (closing March 2020).. and hopefully will grow a new life of connections, friends and families.

    • Please post your Argyll families : with as much info about Dates, Places, Names as you know
    • Don't forget you can set how often you receive emails - from all, daily, weekly to none
    • this is not a clans site, there are other places for that (clans had been disbanded long before written family history records established)
    • Please help others, whether its local knowledge, genealogical research, or however you can help. Be kind, be patient. 
    • If you put surnames in CAPITALS in the subject line and in posts it really helps to make your search eye catching and can help define surnames from first names
    • Anything that is not relevant will be deleted at admins discretion. 
    • Start a new thread for your question, even if its inspired by someone else's posts, that way it comes up easily for others to find in the future
    • Please do NOT ask for look ups for any subscription or pay for sites .. it may be that a generous soul might offer on occasion but it is NOT to be expected or to be encouraged.
    • Please DO add Argyll historical, heritage and genealogical websites in the files section .. lets create a wonderful local resource 
    • please do add suggestions how to make this new group valuable and interesting 
    • Are there others who can volunteer to be joint admin / moderators
    • Archive of the old Rootsweb Sct-Argyll list

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  • #Smith John Smith (44) and family Mary (40) (parents Hugh & Catherine) with children Lachlan (18), Roderick (16), Hugh (14), George (12), Mary (10) and Margaret (9.5) on the Gerge Fyfe to Sydney in 1839. Family were Catholics. Paperwork for arrival uploaded to site. 1 topics
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