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Started on April 8, 1997, the Argus Collectors Group (ACG) is the original Internet group dedicated to the exchange of information about Argus cameras.

Information is exchanged via an e-mail list server to share questions, and comments with all of the other members.

In addition to exchanging information via the e-mail list, The ACG members sponsor a number of projects and activities. These include:

The Annual ACG Gathering: Hosted by Ron Norwood, this great outing occurs each May. More information is available at

ACG Ann Arbor Fall Conference: Hosted by the Argus Museum in Ann Arbor, MI each fall. Check the ACG Web site for Updates

Argust Day: Every August ACG members take an Argus camera with them throughout their day and submit photos to an online exhibit. Argust Day photos can be seen at

Other Photo Contests The ACG also sponsors photo contests and other events throughout the year. Please see for more information.

The ACG also maintains an informational web site at

Please contact me directly with any questions

Thank you,

Wesley Furr

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