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The Austin Raw Feeders Co-op (established 2002) is an unincorporated non-profit association and ordering co-op for people in Austin, Texas who feed their pets a natural, fresh foods diet. Many of our members feed a raw meat and bones-based diet, but we welcome anyone in the AUSTIN METROPOLITAN AREA interested in healthy, home-prepared food for their companion animals. We regret that we cannot offer membership to anyone who lives far enough away that they cannot easily travel to Austin during weekdays and weekday evenings.

We order from numerous suppliers located around Texas and the nation on a regular basis. (Some provide wholly-organic products and some provide human-grade products.) We hold socials and canine play days and promote a sense of community and friendship among our membership. 

It is our mission to foster a supportive atmosphere for self-education on home-prepared diets for our members. We provide a number of resources including reading materials, classes, and workshops.

Please visit our Web site at and read the Policies section before submitting a membership request. We welcome new members but ask that all members read and agree to abide by the Policies at all times. Membership in the coop requires an annual volunteer participation commitment.

We are now on Facebook! Search for the Austin Raw Feeders' Coop and join the discussions on our Fan page.

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