Genomes of Bioko animals might someday 'prove' the Bioko-hypothesis By Allan Krill ·
No 'Asian caveman' ever looked like this ... By Allan Krill ·
Wikipedia page on AAH, wants you to know it is 'pseudoscience'. 2 messages By Allan Krill ·
Humans have lost the estrus signals used by all non-human primates By Allan Krill ·
Chimpanzee skin color is neither dark nor light By Allan Krill ·
"Out of Africa" or "Out of Bioko" ? By Allan Krill ·
Parsimony is a virtue in science, but not in paleoanthropology 3 messages By Allan Krill ·
The most recent Bioko land bridge and the Recent-out-of-Africa event both began about 70,000 years ago By Allan Krill ·
Why did Neanderthals die out? By Allan Krill ·
Paleohumans were mostly marine By Allan Krill ·
Human prehistory probably began with a few Marine Chimpanzees, and then thousands of Marine Paleohumans By Allan Krill ·
Universal grammar and the Bantu expansion in Africa By Allan Krill ·
No one wants a ‘Garden of Eden model’ for human evolution By Allan Krill ·
Paleoanthropologists ‘pull their punches’ to get published By Allan Krill ·
Examples of kayfabe in paleoanthropology By Allan Krill ·
Professional wrestling and paleoanthropology are unlike other sports and sciences By Allan Krill ·
Transcript of Michel Odent's talk on Youtube: Selling the Marine Chimpanzee Concept By Allan Krill ·
Prehistoric people in arctic Norway probably ate a lot of fish By Allan Krill ·
"Let us hope It is not true, but if it is, let us pray it does not become widely known." By Allan Krill ·
Cunnane & Crawford (2014). Energetic and nutritional constraints on infant brain development: Implications for brain expansion during human evolution By Allan Krill ·
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