How can an entire science be based on falsehoods and misinterpretations?

Allan Krill

For over a hundred years (before DNA technology) science desperately wanted fossils to fight creationism. But there are no fossils of orangutans or gorillas or chimpanzees or early humans in the rainforests where great apes live. So science had to accept paleoanthropology, which simply ignores the scientific rules of reproducibility and testability. It is based on fossils that are discovered with no impartial witnesses, cannot be found again, and are not allowed to be properly tested.

We now have DNA to prove that humans did indeed split from apes (from chimpanzees, not from gorillas or orangutans, and not as far back as 15-25 million years ago) and we have chemical tests (such as carbon-14 and fluorine-absorption analysis) to debunk false fossils. We should demand to use those technologies, even though they may dethrone paleoanthropology. If they do, we can now replace it with anthropogeny.

So far, we are not willing to demand impartial scientific testing. Paleoanthropology has a huge number of leaders and followers — like a religious sect that is so powerful that scientists carry on without daring to challenge it.

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