Professional wrestling and paleoanthropology are unlike other sports and sciences

Allan Krill

Pro wrestling and paleoanthropology are designed and maintained for public consumption. They have rules and practices that ensure their continued existence and success. 

In 1989, due to a legal court case, pro wrestling was admitted to be entertainment, not competitive combat sport. I think that within the next few years, due to DNA, paleoanthropology will be understood to be entertainment, not testable reproducible science. The very word paleoanthropology will be an embarrassment to science, like Piltdown Man is an embarrassment. Scientists will prefer the word anthropogeny.

In the meantime, paleoanthropology has rules that must be followed. Authors are not allowed to seriously discuss the aquatic-ape theory. They are not allowed to mention the hypothesis of hoax or falsification of fossil evidence. They are not allowed to cast doubt on the scientific validity of hominin species or hypotheses. They are not allowed to study or chemically test competitors’ original fossil materials. 

Paleoanthropology has an agenda. Leaders continue to uphold traditional beliefs and practices to keep themselves relevant, for economic reasons and for the good of society. Teaching of false beliefs can be called a ‘noble lie.’