Paleoanthropology is narcissistic nonscience

Allan Krill

There are lots of unanswered questions in the study of human origins ('anthropogeny'.) Many of these questions (such as What were the selection pressures that led to human language, culture, physiology, anatomy?) have been avoided by the non-science known as paleoanthropology. It puts all focus on fossils and fossil locations, yet its evidence is irreproducible and the fossil material unavailable for testing by impartial or skeptical experts.

Fossils tell us nothing about the evolution of chimpanzees (Pan) and gorillas (Gorilla), because there are no fossils! Why should we be looking for fossils to answer our questions about the evolution of humans (Homo)?

Read this manuscript: The story of human evolution is based on fictional fossil evidence, and consider the likelihood that paleoanthropology is largely nonscience: more interested in studying fossils than in answering questions of human evolution, and based largely on a few 'piltdownifications'.