Where on Earth could naked humans survive?

Allan Krill

Where could a single family or a thousand families survive for ten years without clothes, fire, weapons or tools? One of those places might be where bald-bodied humans evolved.

The place would have to be nice and warm, day and night, all year round. It would need a constant food supply, and fresh drinking water every day of the year. It should have no strong sun that heats and burns naked human skin. It would have to be free of large predators, such as wolves, hyenas, big cats, and crocodiles. 

The only place I can find in or near Africa, is Bioko. That large island happens to be near to where chimpanzees and gorillas live, and where haplogroup A00—the earliest Y-DNA—is found. But because there are no fossils in western Africa or Bioko, paleoanthropologists are not interested in that part of the world.

An ice skater is interested in places with ice, a swimmer is interested in places with water, and a paleoanthropologist is interested in places with fossils. The study of human origins should again be designated anthropogeny, as it was in the 1800s, not paleoanthropology as it is now called.