Born to believe and to continue believing

Allan Krill

The world has many competing religions that involve various miracles that specialists believe in. But they don't think that the miracles of any competing religion are actually valid. Those miracles are considered false.

Paleoanthropologists have fossil finds of many creatures that they call hominins or possible human ancestors. They realize that only one or two of them could actually be human ancestors, and that all the others must be dead-ends, having become extinct without leaving any descendants that are alive today. Paleoanthropologists admit that their creatures may all be dead-ends, and that fossils of actual human ancestors may not yet have been found.

Religious-miracle specialists have their own beliefs, and prehuman-fossil specialists have their own beliefs. These specialists want followers who also believe in their version of things. That is how the specialists get funding and status. And there are plenty of people willing to follow them. Even if proven wrong, the specialists want to continue believing that they are right. That is what they do.

There may be no miracles that are valid, and there may be no prehuman fossils that are human ancestors. It may be that the direct ancestor of Homo sapiens is Pan troglodytes, the chimpanzee. A group of chimpanzees may have speciated to humans in a single freak aquatic event. But that hypothesis spoils everyone's fun and would reduce everyone's funding and status. So let's talk about something else.