Elaine Morgan's Publications By Allan Krill · #75 ·
Born to believe and to continue believing By Allan Krill · #66 ·
From genetics, I think the LCA was a chimpanzee that became isolated in an aquatic habitat By Allan Krill · #61 ·
Geologists didn’t want to talk about continental-drift theory By Allan Krill · #60 ·
Bioko is in the center of the fossil-free chimpanzee range By Allan Krill · #58 ·
The earliest human footprints (Laetoli) occur in lake sediments that have been misinterpreted as datable volcanic ash By Allan Krill · #56 ·
Mammal fossils in Africa, map By Allan Krill · #54 ·
The story of human evolution is based on fictional fossil evidence By Allan Krill · #52 ·
Paleoanthropology promotes untestable evidence and unfounded beliefs By Allan Krill · #9 · Edited
The discovery of the Lucy bones as a "surface find" is geologically impossible By Allan Krill · #8 ·
Johanson's 1981 version of the 1974 Lucy fossil discovery By Allan Krill · #7 ·
Speculating about fossils is fun, but does not explain human traits or human origins By Allan Krill · #6 ·
Bodies that were not made for a hot, dry East African climate By Allan Krill · #4 ·
Did student Tom Gray plant the Lucy fossils, and then trick professor Donald Johanson into discovering them? By Allan Krill · #3 ·
Chimpanzees and gorillas evolved in central and western Africa with no fossils being formed. What about humans? By Allan Krill · #2 ·
Anthropogeny is the original study of human origins By Allan Krill · #1 ·
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