Why primate fossils are found in E.Africa, not in the Congo

Allan Krill

On Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 11:37 AM, alandarwinvanarsdale wrote:
Fossils are concentrated in East Africa because that is where rocks are exposed of the right age to find them.
It is a myth that fossils are concentrated in East Africa because the rocks there are of the right age. Fossils are concentrated in E. Africa because mammal bones thre do not decay rapidly. 

The Congo Basin includes a huge area of rocks that are the right age for primate fossils: Quaternarny (white) and Cenozoic (yellow) on this map. That area is teeming with mammals, yet a mammal fossil has never been reported from there. 

And that is not because people are not looking. Poor and hungry people are digging and looking all the time in those sedimentary rock layers, trying to find diamonds and little nuggets of gold. The artisanal excavations are extensive.  A primate tooth would be worth its weight in gold. You can be sure that if there were fossil teeth there of any mammal, people would report them and get paid.

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