Re: Hominid = Hybrid ? (An obvious hypothesis that goes unmentioned in paleoanthropology)

Allan Krill

Watch Ronald Clarke's sleight-of-hand in his CARTA lecture about the Australopithecus 'Little-Foot'. He used the legs and thigh bones of one skeleton, but ignored the arm bone (radius) of what looks to be the same skeleton. For one arm and a hand, he used bones from another place in the cave. The skull and other arm came from another place. For the foot and ankle, he used bones from the collection of a medical school. He felt certain that all these bones were from the same individual. For more details, read my manuscript on 'fictional fossil evidence' and watch the lecture video.

This Australopithecus 'skeleton' was not a hybrid, as other Australopithecus fossils may be. This one is a composite of different bones taken mostly from a cave known for many monkey bones. 


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