Re: Hominid = Hybrid ? (An obvious hypothesis that goes unmentioned in paleoanthropology)

Allan Krill

In the CARTA lecture by Berhane Asfaw, a physical model of Ardi's skull is shown, based on digital reconstruction of the fossil fragments. To me the skull looks very much like a chimpanzee, with a projecting face. But Asfaw argues that it is less projecting, and has other human-like characteristics. He thinks that the last common ancestor also had these characteristics.

In his conclusion he says: 

"So the information that we got from Ardipithecus is more information about what our ancestors, our common ancestors, might have looked like. And at least from this information we know that they don't look like chimpanzees."

On his Conclusion picture, Asfaw writes:
"This may suggest that the African apes (i.e. chimpanzee and gorilla) are very derived 
(i.e. much evolved) in their craniodental complex from the (human-chimpanzee-gorilla-)common ancestor."

Paleoanthropologists want to convince us that humans did not evolve from chimpanzees. They want us to think that chimpanzees have evolved as much as humans since the split. But that model is based on scanty fossil evidence and wishful thinking.

Since modern chimpanzees, gorillas, and orangutans are similar, it is more logical to think that their common ancestor was similar, and only humans have changed. That orthodox model of evolution—long periods without significant change—is called 'punctuated equilibrium'.


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