Re: Hominid = Hybrid ? (An obvious hypothesis that goes unmentioned in paleoanthropology)

Allan Krill

In the CARTA lecture by Haile-Selassie, a model of Ardipithecus is shown with human-like traits (minute 17:02).
Haile-Selassie explains:
"Did we evolve from a knuckle-walker? No, she doesn't show any sign of knuckle-walking on her hand. That gets falsified. And the other one is: obviously, chimpanzees cannot be good models for the common ancestor we shared with them. Because, think about it, chimpanzees have been evolving so much since they split from the common ancestor that they shared with us. It's really interesting to see that our distant cousin—gorillain some cases share character with humans than chimpanzees do. So that tells you how much chimpanzees have evolved. So using chimpanzees as model is really wrong."

If Ardipithecus was a real creature, and not a misinterpretation, couldn't it have been a hybrid? Shouldn't paleoanthropologists be mentioning the hybrid-hypothesis, and that the last common ancestor may have simply been a chimpanzee?


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