More details on rafting models for the origins of Gorilla, Pan, and Homo.

Allan Krill

We know that rafting has been important in primate speciation
New World Monkeys originated from Old World Monkeys that must have rafted from Africa to South America. Lemurs must have originated from primates that rafted from Africa to Madagascar. I wonder if gorillas might have originated from orangutans that rafted from Southeast Asia to Africa.

It think it is likely that chimpanzees originated from gorillas that rafted down the Congo River to a new area where they found higher quality foods. From there chimpanzees spread out to many areas, including the area up the Congo River where the gorillas originally came from. At a later time, a second rafting event down the Congo River brought gorillas to areas which the chimpanzees occupied in western Africa. They continued to eat large volumes of low quality food there. 

Humans evolved from chimpanzees that rafted to Bioko, at a time when there was only marine food on the Proto-Bioko islands. 

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Here are maps that show the current ranges of GorillasChimpanzees and Bonobos, and explain some of the reasoning behind my models.


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