Animal Communication

This list is for people who communicate telepathically with animals or who would like to know more about it. It is not a place to request free animal communication (AC) sessions nor is it a training list. We do exchange communications to discover or improve our telepathic AC skills. Our goal is that this be a safe place for animal lovers to connect in a caring way.

Guidelines (If not followed, posts may be moderated before going to group)

* There are diverse beliefs and opinions on the list. Please be respectful to all. No flaming, foul language, finger-pointing, put-downs, you should or shouldn’t haves. Instead, consider saying: This is what has worked for me or others. This is my experience. Here is an idea that might help. We want this to be a safe place where people need not fear criticism.

* Please keep posts on topic. On- and Off-Topic Guidelines sent upon approval of membership.

* Please sign posts with your name, nickname, or screen name so we can connect with you better.

* This is NOT a list for discussions about animal causes. Do not post graphic descriptions nor photos of animal cruelty, slaughterhouses, laboratory testing, etc. If you are passionate about a cause or off-topic concern, find or create a group about it. Then post ONE SHORT message with a LINK to the website saying what the topic is. DON’T TELL the WHOLE STORY.

* Cross post only with permission

* Trim previous messages: Delete text from earlier posts that do not relate to reply; KEEP text that relates to reply so readers know what you are referring to. Tag lines should be able to fit onto about one continuous line with no photos. If trimming poses problems, please ask moderators for help.

Thank you! These things help keep our group a safe place.

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