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Group Description


This is a
private spiritual group for registered members of the Ananta Kranti Sangha to meet and communicate privately and respectfully with each other.  

In addition to our
private Sangha website that hosts our Satsang and other private videos, Sangha downloads, etc., we also have this private discussion group (started in January 2019) with:

  • realtime text chat rooms where you can join a chat in progress or start your own chat 
  • a Zoom meeting room that you can easily jump into for face-to-face meetings with one or more Sangha members
  • numerous categories to post under and all posts are easily organized by using preset #hashtags
  • the ability for you to start a new topic/post or reply to an existing topic/post
  • a calendar to check on upcoming private Sangha events
  • file downloads 
  • photo downloads
  • the ability to set your email preferences (multiple options including no email, daily digests of posts, or receive all emails individually)
  • the ability to reply to a post directly from your email and it will automatically go out to everyone (based on their email preferences) and it will also be posted on the group
  • the ability to share your email address for private communications… or to hide your email address completely (the default setting)
  • the ability to set your log in preferences including using your social media login for Facebook and Google if you prefer
  • and more!


Joining this private discussion group is not required, but if you would like to meet and chat with other Sangha members from around the globe in a private and respectful environment, then we encourage you to join with us!

To apply for membership in this private discussion group, just click here or using the button below. 

If you are already a member of this private discussion group, log in here or using the button below.


If you are not a registered Sangha member, you are not permitted to join this private discussion group without first becoming a Sangha member.

To learn about Sangha Membership and sign up, visit: 

If you have any questions please contact us.

Thank You!
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