Christina Z. Anderson

Hi All,

Compiling a list of chrysotype practitioners. This is what I have come up with from books and searching the web.

Anyone not on this list that you all know of?

Bob Schramm is no longer alive (I think).


1. Aileen Hubbard
2. Bianca Conwell
3. Danielle Edwards
4. Ellie Young
5. Esme Ann Everingham
6. Giorgio Bordin
7. Leanne McPhee
8. Liam Lawless
9. Marek Matusz
10. Mark L. Eshbaugh
11. Miguel Duaret
12. Mike Ware
13. Pradip Malde
14. Robert Poole
15. Robert W. Schramm
16. Roger Vail
17. Sergey Zhmakin
18. Tom Hawkins
19. Tony McLean
20. Wendy Currie

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