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Reporting back, now that I've had a chance to test my unit. The bulbs are Narva (German brand)18w blacklight blue, 10 of them spaced 1" apart. According to some of you, it seems I could have saved some money by having fewer bulbs spaced farther apart! Being an electrical dummy, I thought I could just unscrew some of the bulbs, but apparently that's not the case. But anyway, the unit works just fine, my exposures (for gum) are around 7 mins and it doesn't really get hot at all.


On 3/6/14 12:41 AM, Laura V wrote:
Hi Bob,
I was asking here about lighting a couple of months ago and got this link from Kees Brandenburg showing his lightbox (maybe he's too busy moving the list to see this thread) :)

As you can see, the bulbs look pretty close together. I ended up having a similar unit built (which took almost 3 months - I just picked it up so haven't tried it yet!) I had the electrical part done at a place specializing in fluorescent lighting and asked them to put the bulbs as close together as was safe to do so. It's in the trunk of my car down the street at the moment and it's snowing, so I'll get back to you as to the exact distance. Mine has 10 bulbs and the width is smaller than the 24" (60cm) length, so that is a lot closer than 4 inches apart.

Perhaps someone else can fill us in whether they need to be that close together, or maybe it's just a matter of the more bulbs the quicker the exposure.

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On 3/4/14 9:43 PM, Bob Cornelis wrote:
I am planning on building a UV light box and have a question about the layout of the bulbs. Upon the recommendation of a friend who does alt process work I plan on buying these tubes:

My questions are how far apart should I mount these and how many do I need to provide good coverage to expose up to 20x24” (though I’m not sure I’d ever go over 16x20). I plan on having them about 4” above the surface of the prints.



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