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Q2- i figured but was obvs hoping otherwise.

Q1- i've been keeping it in many many containers in a very old separate fridge- so when i say cold- i mean cold. totally unnecessary- and when shaken (or stirred) and not refrigerated is no longer an issue - i guess i was just curious if there was anything more about it- i had actually messaged Bob off-list who was really really helpful. 



On Sun, May 30, 2021 at 7:13 PM Mike Ware <mike@...> wrote:
Brittonie -

a uranyl acetate print, once made and washed, will almost certainly lose its fluorescence.

I'm surprised that uranyl nitrate solution - which is very soluble - is depositing solid. I don't think the acetic acid can do any harm, so you could try it.
Mike Ware


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