Re: Cyanotype/Cuprotype

Jim Patterson,

Hi Niranjan,
Thanks for the interest.  I posted my Cuprotype process several years ago on this list.  You can get details at my website:

The print is from a digital camera, negative filtered in Photoshop with a red/orange filter and a blue/green filter for the 2 colors, sort of like the old 2 color Technicolor.  Printed in traditional Cyanotype first, then Cuprotype last.  Cuprotype is Hatchett’s Brown (Copper II Ferrocyanide).  This print is 8 yrs old and both pigments seem quite stable.


On May 30, 2021, at 11:19 AM, Niranjan Patel via <nirpat89@...> wrote:

That is very nice, Jim.  If you can do a green layer independently, you can make a full color print. 

Can you give us some details on the process?


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