Re: Screen Printing UV units and Dichormate printing



I’ve got both LED and bulb (self built) units and for dichromates or Diazo I prefer the bulbs the time is longer and yields a better print easier curve to correct. 

I think maybe if you’re just using it for screen printing then the halftone/bitmap is great for it fast and to the point with no worry about tonal range. 

On Wed, 26 May 2021 at 06:35, The Platinotypist <platinotypist@...> wrote:
Good morning
Yes, I still use UV blacklight tubes. They are self-built. Later I will send you some demonstration photographs, just the time to go to the two studios where there are groups that differ from each other in type of construction and size. I don't need to replace the tubes with LED strips. The prints are also very good both in terms of exposure time and irradiation capacity. I argue that if I have to replace the light source I would replace it with a mercury vapor lamp like the NuArc bulbs.
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