Re: What is a correct formula for gelatin+glutaraldehyde paper sizing

Guido Ceuppens

Christina beat me to it but I also have used 3% gelatin as size mixed with 6 ml glutaraldehyde (2,5 % solution) per liter. Measure the amount of warm gelatin solution needed and mix the glut in just before you size the paper. You can also use a two step method, but make sure you have a good ventilation!

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Op vr 2 apr. 2021 om 18:48 schreef Christina Z. Anderson <christinazanderson@...>:

I use 6 ml 2.5% glutaraldehyde per liter of 3% gelatin. So you’d have to figure out what the percentage of Black Magic is and then do the math. It takes so little glut.

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Hi, i have experimented with gum printing (trail and error,, and i will to start serious first gum printing with a cyanotype as starting layer base this weekend or later.

I have a pot glutaraldehyde from Rollei Black Magic emulsion set, that was left over from my previous silver photopaper enlarging hobby.
How many glut and gelatin per 1 liter water.

Greeting Job from The Netherlands. 

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